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The HSK character learning program is small, but its pronunciation is great
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23 July 2008

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Learn HSK Characters 1.0 is a helpful tool for the students learning Chinese language. It assists the users in learning at least 900 Chinese characters. It is possible that you may find it to be quite interesting as the characters and their combinations are pronounced clearly similar to a qualified announcer. It presents a rather easy user interface, and the learning process goes like a breeze. The application provides you with almost 600 combinations listed randomly and also presents you with helpful exercises. Repeating the exercises reinforces the understanding of Chinese character’s structure, and your knowledge relating to their standard pronunciation.

Learn HSK Characters 1.0 is a simple and small utility that proves to be supportive while learning the Chinese characters. The interface of the program is decent and is designed keeping the ease of use in mind. It looks somewhat similar to the matching exercises that we usually carry out at the school time. The program shows two columns on the program window where you need to match the proper component to form an HSK-A character. The two columns consist of five components each, to match. Click on one component from left and then from the right column, and if they match properly you would get the resulting HSK-A characters. When you click on a component or the formed character you can hear the pronunciation, and also view the phonetics in textual form. Completing the exercise you can either repeat it to memorize the combination and the character, or move onto a new exercise. Repeating such exercises again and again help you to remember the formation and the pronunciation of different the characters.

Considering the rather simple process that it uses to helps users to learn the Chinese characters, the Learn HSK Characters 1.0 proves to be a reliable learning tool. On the downside it has limited usability and is more targeted at the basic user. Taking its overall features into consideration, it receives a score of 2.5 rating points.

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This program involves 900 Chinese characters, 700 of them are the most commonly used characters included in the HSK grade A. Here they are spoken by a Chinese national broadcast announcer.
Click a component on the left side and the one in the middle column to build a HSK-A character. Around 600 combinations will be listed randomly. You can repeat the exercises to reinforce your understanding of the structure of Chinese characters and your knowledge of their standard pronunciation.
This software is free.
Learn HSK Characters
Learn HSK Characters
Version 1.0
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